By visualizing data sets from different imaging techniques in a fully immersive environment, experimentalists can quickly gain insight into the spatial and compositional characteristics of microstructural features in materials. This dataset is a combination of transmission electron and atom probe tomograms which show a 1:1 association between Helium bubbles and oxide nanoclusters. Understanding this association is needed to design better materials for advanced nuclear reactors.


The TEM+AP visualization was built for the AlloSphere using Allosystem. The Allosphere is a 10-meter spherical projection theater for data visualization and immersive art research. Allosystem is a C++ framework built to write interactive programs for the Allosphere’s 26 projector, 14 node cluster. I worked on graphics and rendering including implementing an order-independent transparency algorithm, optimizing isosurface representations, lighting and shading, and billboarding for text labels in the sphere. TEM+AP also features navigation via PhaseSpace motion capture gloves and a touchpad UI.


Role: Graphics and Allosystem framework programming
Project Leads: Professor JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Stephan Kraemer
Researchers: Peter Wells, Dennis Adderton, Kurt Kaminski, Keehong Youn, Kon-Hyong Kim, Hannah Wolfe, and Tim Wood.